Moving Up

There comes a point during a blog’s life when he becomes mature and gets his own domain name.  Well, that point has come for this blog.

The new location of this blog is

Hope to see you there.  🙂


Are You Getting Cheated by Your Landlord?

If you’re a renter, you’ll often ask yourself whether or not you’re getting cheated by your landlord. Is your rent too high, too low, or just right? I came across this online tool today called By typing in your address (and providing them your rental information as well), you get to see how much your neighbors are paying. Pretty fantastic idea, especially for rental-heavy cities like Boston.

Here’s my analysis. I’m the orange needle and it looks like my landlord is good to me.

Rent Comparison

I am Awesome

Yes, I am awesome. Well, that’s what my new set of Batman checks says. You see, I had to order new checks and I didn’t want to include my actual address on the checks. But the website where I ordered my checks wouldn’t allow me to have empty fields (talk about bad UI design), so I HAD to write something in those empty address fields.

Check out these awesome Batman checks. I didn’t want to reveal my real name on the net, so the checks says John Doe.

Batman Checks

Batman Checks Zoom

See if you can come up with something funny next time you order checks online.

Font Size on Business Cards

I’m in the process of designing a set of business cards for a client, I came across the difficult decision of what is the appropriate font size. I know I know. Different fonts at size 12 vary widely in overall real estate, but I’m speaking in general. Imagine the standard Arial font.

My designer friend (who’s opinions I trust cause he’s actually a designer, and I’m just a hobbyist) and I got into an interesting discussion when I showed him the draft. He says the text should always be legible, use size 10. But to me, legibility is a relative measurement. So then I thought about how Business Cards are intimidate objects. When you handle a business card, there’s a tendency to hold it closer than normal documents. While normal documents with 10 Arial font is fairly legible from the desk, business cards might benefit with a smaller font size. The person’s name should be in a bigger font, but the essential business info should be presented in size 8 or 9 font. Smaller means the audience has to hold it closer to the eye, thus examining it more closely.

So if you were giving out your business cards, wouldn’t you want the other person to hold it closer than some regular boring document?

So they can read it in a more intimate fashion?

Let My People Go

I dressed up as the Biblical Moses this past weekend at a Halloween Fundraiser party at Highrock and won best costume! Fantastic. And I didn’t even have to use the phrase “Let My People Go!”


Back to Jerusalem

Back to Jerusalem
by Paul Hattaway

In smaller font on the front cover, it says “Three Chinese House Church Leaders Share Their Vision to Complete The Great Commission”.  As a Christian believer myself, I have to recommend this book to anyone out there.  All that’s happenings with the Christian movement in China is simply amazing.

The convictions of these three house church leaders in working towards the common goal (The Great Commission) is simply inspiring.  I honestly don’t think I’ve ever heard or read about someone believing in something so strongly that they’re willing to give up everything for.

Story in Heaven and Logos

A couple of books read in the past weeks:

90 Minutes in Heaven
by Don Piper

Don survives and shares his life-changing experience after having survived a horrendous car crash and was pronounced clinically dead for 90 minutes.  It’s an inspiring story that makes you think a little about why you’re on Earth.

Logo Design that Works
by Lisa Silver

I’ve been on a logo-inspiring mood lately so picked up this book from the Boston library network. This book gives roughly 40 great examples of logos ranging from classics to modern.


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