5 Steps to Organizing and Sharing your Photos

1. Download Picasa: Download Picasa for free from google. Install the program, and you can let it scan your harddisks for available pictures.A great tip for organizing your photos is to put them in a main directory like c:/Pictures, and then break up your photos into different folders with a naming format like:

yyyy.mm.dd description
2006.06.01 Trip to Hong Kong
2006.07.12 Flying Like Superman

This is a great way to organize your photos and Picasa will automatically catalog them by the date specified from the folder name.

2. Sign up for a Free Flickr Account: If you don’t already have a Free (20mb/month limit) or Pro (2gb/month, $25/yr) account on Flickr, get with the program! Go to flickr.com and get yourself a free account.

3. Download & Install Uploadr from Flickr: Instead of uploading photos to your Flickr account 1-by-1, you can use their awesome Uploadr tool. Download and install it for your operating system.

Flickr Uploadr

4. Export Pictures from Picasa: Picasa should have already cataloged your entire photo collection and placed them in the Library. When uploading photos to the web, you usually want to decrease the resolution to 1024px or 1280px (for minimizing storage & upload time). Resizing images is usually a daunting task, but it’s quite easy with Picasa.

From your Picasa library, select the photos you’d like to upload to your Flickr account (hold control to select more than one picture). These pictures will be placed automatically into your Picture Tray, located at the bottom left of the Picasa window. Once you have selected all the pictures you want, click the Export button on the bottom right hand corner. Specify your destination folder and settings, then hit Ok.

5. Select Exported Pictures and Upload: Now simply navigate to the folder that contains your exported pictures. Select all the images, right click, and select the Send to Flickr… option. Follow the on-screen instructions, specify the necessary settings, and there you have it.

Now go and take those old pictures of yours and share with friends!!


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