End of August

My mind’s been blank as of late. Not blank in the sense of having nothing to think about, but more like not having enough time to do some self-reflections. Well, I wanted to give myself a recap of this past month and just put up a few keys points.

  • I tend to juggle alot in my life. I love learning and getting involved, sort of a combination between a man of action and a renaissance man. Here’s a list of things that’s been going on: swimming twice a week, basketball, weekly softball games, work everyday, brochure design, building fundraising team, community outreach commitee at work, reading books, and listening to audiobooks. That’s too much…
  • Loving to learn is a curse and a blessing. On one hand, you’ll fill your brain. On the other, it’s a rather solitude life when you do too much.
  • Friends are important. I cannot stress this enough.
  • I live in Boston, so the fall is coming. Summer, along with its heat, is going away. I’m looking forward to a new season which is usually characterized by coolness of winds and intense coloring of leaves.

1 Response to “End of August”

  1. 1 rustychefwei August 31, 2006 at 2:46 pm

    my past few months have been the opposite of yours. thats why i need friends like you around me to make me do more. 🙂

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