The Buzzing Yellow Jacket

We’re always bombarded with others telling us the need to slow down or pace themselves. Why do we keep ourselves so busy all the time? Is it because we want to feel like we’re living every single moment to its maximum capacity? Is it because we’re affraid that we’re gonna miss out on sometime special? Maybe it’s even our inner-drive that won’t permit us to stop and smell the roses (or popcorn if you prefer)?

I for one is guilty of such behavior. Upon coming home from work, I would download the latest audiobook or read my blog subscriptions. If I wasn’t sitting in front of the computer, I would go out and play either tennis, volleyball, softball, or basketball. Except for Tuesdays and Thursdays, those are swimming days after work. Also a few quality meals sprinkled here and there.

I’ve found that I have to really really try to just sit, relax, and enjoy a good book, sip a cup of tea, or maybe just be alone with my thoughts. Could it be that we’re all scared of what our thoughts would reveal to ourselves? Though not often, I’ve known days or weeks when I’ve done nothing but be lazy, and in retrospect it didn’t seem like I missed out on much. So what am I chasing by keeping myself so busy?

So when will this buzzing end? Or does it keep going?

FYI: Yellow Jacket is the mascot of my alma-mater, Georgia Tech.


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