Virtual Architecture

I came across this article where a Harvard Law class was being taught online. Not just online, but in an online virtual world called Second Life. If you’re not familiar with SecondLife, it is described as:

“Second Life is a 3D online digital world imagined, created, and owned by its residents.”
In second life, people create themselves, buildings, and pretty much anything else that can exists in the real world. Think of it as the real world inside the virtual realms of the internet. So in terms of architecture, one possible integration with SeconD Life is to create building models, and place them inside the virtual world. Why? Because you’ll be able to observe “real” people interact with your architecure gems. This would even work better for smaller pieces of architecture items, since Second Life residents can trade and decide what they like and dont’ like.

I think of it as a way to bridge the interface between the real and virtual world, without sacrificing real opinions and wasting resources.


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