Time to Slow Down

Okay, it’s time to slow down. No more running from places to places, taking on new sports, etc… Why? Cause I suffered a knee injury while playing squash last night. Here’s the story:

The Injury

My right knee is currently twice the size of my left knee. The doctors at the Mt. Auburn hospital suspects that I have a torn MCL and a posisble torn ACL as well. Here’s a good tutorial for the anatomy of the knee. If that’s the case, which I’m pretty postive it is the case, then it means at least 4-6 months before walking normal again. Sigh…

In hindsight, I believe my injury was caused by a number of reasons. First, I was wearing the wrong shoes. So the best type of shoes to wear for a game of squash would be tennis shoes. Those are made to provide support for forward/back, as well as lateral movements. But the bottom of the shoes is not super sticky, so you can probably slide around a little. Given that I own only running and basketball shoes, I opted for the basketball shoes becaue of it’s support for lateral movement and sturdy protection. Bad choice.

The outsole of basketball shoes are usually very “ticky”, and they will grip to the court surface. I think because of that, my feet were planted well to the ground. Thus causing too much “torque” on my knee when I was going for a loose ball. Too much torque to the knee area is not good. As simple as that.

The second reason is that I didn’t wear a knee brace, which I usually do because of past injuries. The third reason is inadequate warm up.

The (Frustrating) Trip to the ER

While laying on the squash court, the personnel at MIT Z-Center called an ambulance to take me to MIT Medical. In about 5-10 minutes, there were roughly half a dozen people surrounding me asking me quesitons about the injury and such. They loaded me up in the ambulance (my first ever ride in one) for a trip over to MIT Medical ER. Knowing that it’s past office hours, I’m told that I will be forwarded onto Mt. Auburn Hospital.

We made a pit stop at MIT Medical for a quick doctor’s look and to get some paperwork (stupid medical processes). And when the guy tried to restart the truck, it wouldn’t start. Just my luck, gotta love it. So then they had to call an ambulance company to send a second ambulance. Two ambulance rides in one night, what are the odds?

Fast foward a little bit, I’m in the second ambulance on the way to Mt. Auburn hospital. The trip usually takes around 10-15 minutes, but we got there in 5. I was surprised. They unloaded the strecher, with me on it, and proceed heading into the ER. Then my friend, whom was betting me in squash at the time of the accident, said:

Wait, how come we’re at Mass General Hospital, I thought we were going to Mt. Auburn…

Sigh. So back on the ambulance we go. And they finall take me to the right ER.

The Treatment at the ER

The nurses fixed me up with an IV line, and a shot of morphine. The morphine left a crappy sensation in my head which I did not enjoy very much. I don’t understand why people take drugs, it doesn’t feel good at all. The doctors thought that my only problem was that my knee was out of place, so they proceeded to try to pop it back into place. That process hurt a little. So yes, my knee was out of place. But that happened while I was still on the squash court. I looked at my knee right after I fell, and it was sitting at a 45 degrees towards the outside of the leg. I thought to myself

That’s no good. I should pop it back into place.

So that’s what I did and it was accomplished by slamming my knee onto the floor. I guess I watched too many movies. Hopefully that did not induce additional damage.

Back to the ER, mind you that my knee was filling with fuids and was quite swollen at this point. So I’m assuming that it’s more than my knee cap going out of place. The doctor finally decided that I might have torned my MCL and possibly the ACL too.  They took a couple of x-rays and decided that my bones were ok.  Discharge time.
A Final Few Words

So my squah buddy stayed with me through this whole episode. Mucho thanks for the support and funny moments in the ER. And it does look like I’ll have to take it easy for a while.

To be continued…


2 Responses to “Time to Slow Down”

  1. 1 Gary October 17, 2006 at 2:16 am

    Man! You got injured again! I guess the Acheilles (sp) heal injury doesn’t wear ya down =P

  2. 2 alivenow February 19, 2014 at 10:27 am

    I quite like reading an article that will make
    men and women think. Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

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