Medial Retinaculum

What? Exactly, I haven’t heard of that either. So the final diagnosis of my knee injury was a torn medial retinaculum, which is a result of a patella dislocation. Here’s a good article on patella dislocations.

I tried searching for Medial Retinaculum on google but didn’t find anything helpful. Well, at least nothing besides articles on surgical techniques and medical reserach studies like this one and this one. Completely unfitting for a person untrained in the medial field. As far as I can tell (and also what the doctor told me), the medial retinaculum provides lateral stability for the patella. It’s a connection that makes sure the patella stays in place and close to the medial (inside) side of my knee. Hence, it was torn when my patella was dislocated to the outside of the knee.

So the final diagnosis from the doctor was…

  1. Torn medial retinaculum
  2. Shallow femoral trochlea (which is the groove in the femur for the patella to track in). A shallow one means it’s easier for the patella to slide out.

So the orthopedist says to stay in the immobilizer for another two weeks, and it’s ok use my right leg by putting weight on it (but no bending at the knee).  Follow by some Physical Therapy, and hopefully my body will heal itself.  If that doesn’t work, then its plan B.  Surgery.


1 Response to “Medial Retinaculum”

  1. 1 rustychefwei October 23, 2006 at 3:14 pm

    hmm.. i guess no sugery is good news.

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