Politics = Waste of Money?

In the Boston Globe today, the headline article was titled Day of decision in state’s costliest campaign ever.  Candidates running for the governor spot have spent more than $42.8 million collectively.

$42.8 million dollars!!

That’s more than enough to buy 2 million $20 blankets.  Which can be given to the homeless living in the Boston area, in preparation for the upcoming Winter season.  Or maybe use that money to put up more road signs or fix up the roads in the city of Boston.

And also according to the Boston Globe, $11.5m was spent on wine sales ballot question.  The question was to decide where one can purchase wine in the state of Massachusetts.  $11.5m dollar was spent on TV and ad campaigns by advocates on differing sides.  Wouldn’t that money be more useful if it’s used to create ads fighting against drunk driving?


1 Response to “Politics = Waste of Money?”

  1. 1 Gary November 16, 2006 at 11:18 pm

    You should come work for the government if you want to see “waste of money”. Hope you are recouperating well!

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