Hybrids, think again…

I came across this article on caranddriver.com about the doubts on the actual advantages of hybrid vs tranditional cars. The article says that it’s more environmental costly to produce a hybrid vehicle vs the tranditional vehicle of the same model. For example, when taken everything (manufacturing, replacement, disposal, etc…) into consideration:

The Honda Accord Hybrid has an Energy Cost per Mile of $3.29 while the conventional Honda Accord is $2.18.

You can see the full report by CNW here.

My personally opinion is that the general population never really takes the time to research what the media feeds them. The media says that hybrid cars are better because they produce lower emission levels. But have you ever consider how a hybrid car is made and what it consists of? Hybrid cars contain large batteries that allows the vehicle to store up electrical energy. Acceleration of the vehicle constantly switches between fuel-driven and electrical energy driven.

Now, I’m not talking about tiny batteries here. The batteries contained in hybrid vehicles are quite large. And producing batteries of that size requires a lot of nasty chemicals. So in essense, the release of harmful chemicals that ruins the environment is shifted from everyday use (of tranditional vehicles) to bulk effects from when the vehicles are manufactured.


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  1. 1 wei November 21, 2006 at 9:36 am

    fyi, i posted this post on my xanga. i like it.

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