On the T

Coming home to Florida for my Christmas vacation reminds me of the benefits of a decent public transporation in a urban city. In South Florida, everybody drives and public transportation is minimal. In Boston, the public transportation is MBTA, commonly referred to as the ‘T’. It’s not the best system out there when compared to ones in Montreal and Hong Kong, but it’s good.

Charlie Card

About 60% of the time, I commute to work on the public bus or subway. Here are 7 personal reasons why I love “T-ing it” instead of driving my own car to work.

  1. I save money on gas, and car maintenanc costs.
  2. I can take naps to and from work. Definitely not encouraged in my own car.
  3. I experience a lot less stress, since someone else is dealing with the traffic and idiots on the road.
  4. The commute is my downtime to relax and enjoy my audiobooks/music/podcasts.
  5. It’s a 7-minute walk to the train station, that’s 14 minutes of walking exercise everyday.
  6. In the winter, I don’t have to worry about the dangers of driving in icy conditions.
  7. In a way, it reduces my personal contribution to the air pollution problem.

For those who commutes on public transporation, what benefits do you get?


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