Straight is Unnatural

Have you ever tried to draw a perfectly straight line, without the aisstance of tools like rulers and book bindings? It’s nearly impossible to do so. That got me thinking about how unnatural or unorganic it is for humans to operate in the concept of “straight line” rigidity.

Thinking about it, straight lines are used for measurements, for forming perfect edges, and for the determination of preciseness. A correlation in a grander scale of things would be to think about our environment.

When I think of true nature and perfect straightness, nothing comes to mind. Tree, animals, grass, flowers. Nothing. Well, an exception maybe the surface of a calm sea. But even that, when inspected closely, consists of waves and eddys.

CityWhen you look at what humans have built, there’s straightness everything. The desk surface you’re working on, the sides of the building in which you’re sitting, and the pavement in which you drive on, all of these are examples of forced straightness.

Just some food for thought. Maybe the way back to nature is to become unstraight, and become organic once again.


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