nau is Retail 2.0

I came across this fantastic article from about Nau, a new apparel brand.  Like many other apparel brands, they offer sporty & chic clothing.  However, unlike other apparel brands, Nau has a new idea of what a retial store should be.

In comes the idea of a Webfront.  When you go into their store, you have the normal option of purchasing an item right away.  Or, here’s the part I love, you can make the same purchase online via an in-store web terminal.  When you purchase with the Webfront option, you receive free shipping and a 10% discount.  Now that’s a powerful idea.  I can’t remember how many times I’ve visited a clothing store, tried on an item, liked it, and waited till I get home so I can get a better deal online.

On top of that, Nau wants to focus on community building.  5% of the price of any purchases made via the Webfront option will be donated to one of 12 non-profit groups, determined by the customer.

Welcome to Retail 2.0…


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