Share your Stories

While reading The Pleasure of Finding Things Out, I came across a number of fascinating stories of Richard Feynman getting into trouble and funny situations.  Most of these situations could’ve been mundane or ordinary, but Richard tells them in such a way that makes it fun and easy t0 relate to.

A lot of his stories were from when he worked at Las Alamos during the atomic bomb creation.  This made me reflect on my career here at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and some of the troubles I’ve gotten into and out of.  For example, there was the incident where I tried to smuggle in a personal fridge, and another one where I broke the group fridge trying to defrost using a hammer and screw driver, and just random tricks and jokes played on coworkers.  All of these things help to make life more interesting, especially the work place.  I should try to remember my stories and share them more often, becoming a master story teller.

Share your stories; become a story teller.


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