More Than Chocolate

Hello folks, just got back from a fantastic trip to NYC with a few Boston friends of mine. If I was to summarize this trip with only a few words, the words would be: fun, crazy, rain, and relaxing. I got a much needed break from the daily grind of my normal job and other freelance work.

Anyway, the reason for this blog entry was to present a design observation I encountered while in NY. My friends and I went to a place called Max Brenner, a chocolate laboratory/restaurant of impressiveness. Max takes the experience of enjoying chocolate to a level I’ve never seen or experienced elsewhere. So much thought was given to the mugs, menu layout, and everything else in between. Here are a few pictures to describe our visit and entice you into trying it out.

Here’s a custom glass with a straw hole for milk shake.

This is called a hug mug. You literally hug the mug while sipping the delicious hot coco.

Ever seen banana split like this?

And this was my personal ice cream experiment.

The little flask all the way on the left allows me to make my own chocolate coating for my ice cream. Fantastic design!!

Thought and consideration was with every part of the “dining experience”, even the delivery of the bill.


2 Responses to “More Than Chocolate”

  1. 1 wei April 19, 2007 at 8:47 am

    ohhhh…. i want that banana split and your icecream. i wanna go to nyc when i go to boston next time!

  1. 1 Max Brenner « Platinum Chef 白金大厨师 Trackback on April 19, 2007 at 8:04 am

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