The Audacity of Hope

When it comes to politics, my eyes usually glaze over when there are mentions of congressional hearings, foreign policies, etc… I do my best to keep up with the latest around-the-world news, but find it extremely difficult to relate to wordy and often overblown political speeches. So I started reading (ahem… listening) to this book with much doubt.Boy was I wrong to have doubts. Not only does Barack was able to illustrate the differences between republicans and democrats in a manner of which I can related to, he also painted a clear picture on his vision to address many problems with today’s America. Issues such as breakdown of family values, changes in society’s sexual attitude, and the widening gap of the riches versus the poor during the current Bush administration were all touched upon by Barack, the democratic presidential hopeful.

Political Comment: Given his background, I couldn’t help but think that he’s actually lived a life that resembles those of the average American. Unlike numerous presidential candidates, he did not grow up rich. Given that only a small percentage (5?) of America is rich, I honestly don’t see any president coming from a rich background has any ability to related to the working class. They’ve never had to scrub dishes or clean toilets.  The working class is the majority that works hard to keep this society going, not the rich folks all the way at the top.  Let’s just say Barack’s got my vote for 2008.

The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts of Reclaiming the American Dream
by Barack Obama

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