What Would Apple Do?

Due to the universal recognition of the Apple iPod and the company’s incredibly design-savvy product line, a lot of people are asking the same question. Just this morning a friend of mine, Pete from datawrangling.com, emails me the following:

Had an idea for a blog post, you’re a design guy so maybe you could do a better job with it…

I was trying to put my spare tire back into my trunk last night, and it was a real pain getting it screwed in properly. So I thought to myself, how would Apple have made this differently? Heck, what if they design an entire car?

I’m flattered that Pete would refer me to a design guy because since I’m just a hobbyist. But I think Pete’s got a few interesting points there. iPod and the soon-to-be-out iPhone are both revolutionary devices. Apple takes an existing product type, the mp3 player or the typical cell phone, and revamp the whole thing through the integration of great UI, simplistic design, and smart marketing and branding.

So just What Would Apple Do differently with an ordinary thing like a car? An iCar. In the vehicle world, things have been dormant for the longest time. Sure, there’s focus on fuel efficiency, but what about the whole UI side of things? For example:

  • Why can’t we have the ability to change a spare tire without any tools except for our bare hands?
  • Can we reduce the number of buttons on the dash for controlling the hvac, radio, navigation system, etc…?
  • There are separate pedals for acceleration (gas) and braking, can we change that?

If you have any other improvements, leave a comment because I’d love to hear about them.


2 Responses to “WWAD?”

  1. 1 Robbie L. May 24, 2007 at 11:34 am

    No more buttons. Make the center console a big fat touch screen where you can control every aspect of the car, from rearview mirrors, suspension, HVAC, everything.

  2. 2 wei May 24, 2007 at 5:18 pm

    how about a smart car that tells you every maintenance things you need to do for the car, rather then keeping a schedule on your own, the car knows when it needs to do it, not just by the miles, but by the condition of the car. so that you wouldn’t spend money on something that still runs fine. that would be awesomeness for me.

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