Make Meaning

A few creative friends of mine and myself want to start our own business.  We’re in the initial stages of defining who we are and are meeting on a weekly basis to come up with ideas, define our goals and figure out what we’re getting ourselves into.  I got a good feeling about this one.

During our kick-off meeting, we all had a chance to share our personal goals and visions for this “company.”  Among these, one of the popular reasons was a desire to make money.  Even though money is important, we had to remind ourselves that we needed a motivating factor that’s more genuine.

If we’re gonna dream, dream big.  Dreaming to make money is so cliche and shortsighted.  If we’re able to come up with something that has the potential to change the world or the way people live, isn’t that worth so much more than having an extra $1000 in your bank?

Watching a talk by Guy Kawasaki, he says that success comes from having a meaning.  If your business or idea has a meaning behind it, things will fall into place, including money.  This view is supported by a number of business books and business models out there.

So make meaning.


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