From one of my favorite websites comes this fantastic manifesto with 15 rules to accelerate your business. The following spoke the loudest to me:

  • #2 – To accelerate accountability, reward doers, not talkers.
  • #4 – To accelerate your talent pipeline, be a talent hound, not a position-filler.
  • #7 – To accelerate great ideas, say no.
  • #12 – To accelerate sales, be the customer.

Great reading material for the downtime during your day,


1 Response to “Accelerate”

  1. 1 Pete Skomoroch August 6, 2007 at 1:08 am


    Ask yourself how much actual information content is in this writing.

    From the first page of the “manifesto”:

    “My definition of “accelerate” is “to increase
    the rate of achieving desired outcomes in
    a sustainable manner.” The objective of every
    business should ultimately be to create a
    great business. This manifesto is a call to action
    to accelerate your business and your career. ”


    If you are looking for some motivation regarding #2, then watch the monologue referenced here:

    Yes, But What Have You *Done*?


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