A Couple of Tips

Don’t want to loose the numbers on your cell phone? 

For those Verizon Wireless customers out there, did you know that there’s a free backup assistant you can download for your phone that automatically stores your number online? It usually costs $1.99, but it’s free for anyone who already has an online account for your phone. Nowadays, I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t already have an online account for their cell phones. I recently switched over to the Samsung SCH-u740 and transferring my numbers from the old phone was super easy because I already had the backup assistant. Also, you don’t have to worry loosing all your numbers if you ever dropped your phone in the toilet or left your phone somewhere.

Finding it hard to organize your life? 

For a simple online tool to organize my life, I use Backpack by the folks over at 37signals. Description of Backpack from the website:

Get Organize! Keep your to-dos, notes, ideas, and schedule online with Backpack.

Personally, it’s a real life saving because of the super clean and intuitive interface for organizing everything from my website ideas, to dos at home or work, and client project. Best part is that it’s free (with options to upgrade for additional features), so why not?


1 Response to “A Couple of Tips”

  1. 1 rustychefwei August 14, 2007 at 8:45 am

    next thing you know, there’s going to be a google backpack going along with the google calendar. actually, i think that would be a great idea that google should consider. i personally cannot track so many different sites for different things. it’ll be nice to have your email, calendar, and todo list all on one site. even your mpg log. it’ll be a big monopoly.

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