The Deathly Hallow for 11 Bucks

Want to listen to the Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow Audiobook (that retails on Amazon for $47.97) for only 11 bucks?  Here’s how I did it:

  1. Purchase Audiobook from the amazing Costco:
    $ 41.99 (39.99 + 5% tax)
  2. Listen to Harry’s amazing adventure
  3. Sell the audiobook on Amazon for $39.00. Well, I’m actually getting $30.81 since there’s a $8.19 commission.

So, $41.99 – $31.81 = 11 bucks and change. Not a bad deal at all. You could also try to check it out from your local library, but I’d imagine it’ll take a while before you get it.

The audiobook, read by Jim Dale, is extremely well done.  To this day, I’ve never actually read a Harry Potter book but have listened to them all.  It’s the perfect companion that keeps you awake during long road trips.


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