Sit Back and Straighten Up

Ever since I purchased my MacBook Pro back in February of this year, I’ve subjected myself to bad posture syndrome from hunching over the laptop keyboard and staring at the tiny 17″ screen. Laptops are great because they’re portable, but have you ever watched yourself (and others) screw up their backs because they’re on it so much. It’s a funny thing, but no one ever mentions how catastrophic it is for your posture to be hunched over your laptop for x number of hours per day.

And this problem is likely to get worst as people spend more and more time on this “amazing electronic devices.”

Well, last week I got myself one of those super-thin Apple Keyboards and my back’s been feeling great ever since. Why I didn’t do this earlier is beyond me, I guess I was procrastinating. I should apologize to my back. As I’m typing this, my back is straight and I’m staring straight ahead into on external LCD monitor.  It’s a great feeling.  If you took a side profile picture of me right now, I think I a model for the OSHA Proper Working Position webpage.

So consider this. If you have a laptop, pay attention to the way your sitting. And if you have some extra change in your back account, consider buying an external LCD and a full size keyboard. Your back and shoulders will thank you and you won’t slowly morph into this guy:


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