3 Years Ending

So I’m about to leave Lincoln Laboratory to work for a small software firm in the heart of Boston.  It is with great gratitude, sadness, and excitement to end the first chapter of my life since grad school.  If I was to sum up my career at Lincoln, I can honestly say it was guided by the following moism:

Do things until someone tells you no.

Sure, I might have gotten into trouble a couple of times.  There was the time when I broke the group frig with a screwdriver and hammer.  And then another time when I tricked the group secretary to ordering 5 red Swingline staplers (inspired by the movie Office Space).  But for the most part, just doing and trying new things without waiting for someone to say OK has been beneficial to my journey here.  It’s made things extremely interesting.


1 Response to “3 Years Ending”

  1. 1 Mark B October 19, 2007 at 9:22 am

    So, where ya’ goin’?

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