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Back to Jerusalem

Back to Jerusalem
by Paul Hattaway

In smaller font on the front cover, it says “Three Chinese House Church Leaders Share Their Vision to Complete The Great Commission”.  As a Christian believer myself, I have to recommend this book to anyone out there.  All that’s happenings with the Christian movement in China is simply amazing.

The convictions of these three house church leaders in working towards the common goal (The Great Commission) is simply inspiring.  I honestly don’t think I’ve ever heard or read about someone believing in something so strongly that they’re willing to give up everything for.


Story in Heaven and Logos

A couple of books read in the past weeks:

90 Minutes in Heaven
by Don Piper

Don survives and shares his life-changing experience after having survived a horrendous car crash and was pronounced clinically dead for 90 minutes.  It’s an inspiring story that makes you think a little about why you’re on Earth.

Logo Design that Works
by Lisa Silver

I’ve been on a logo-inspiring mood lately so picked up this book from the Boston library network. This book gives roughly 40 great examples of logos ranging from classics to modern.

Logos and Logos

Before and After

A good friend of mine from Chicago send me an article entitled The Best and Worst Logo Remake over at that provides a number of wonderful before-and-after comparisons of famous logos from recent makeovers. The KFC logo is below.


Need some Inspiration?

I’ve on a bit of a logo-craze lately and picked up the book Logo Design The Works from the library. It’s quite a nice read. The author hand selects a wide variety of logos and goes into details about the motivation behind each logo. Good for a glance through for some inspiraation.

10 Faces

tenfacesThe Ten Faces of Innovation
by Tom Kelley

On my weekend trip to NYC, I had a chance to finish this book (read only the first chapter about 1.5 years ago). I picked up the Ten Faces after having finished The Art of Innovation, since I wanted to learn more about the innovative culture at IDEO. Tom Kelley does a great job in defining and exploring roles in which he believes in.Roles such as the Anthropologist, the Collaborator, and The Storyteller were all integral members of the IDEO culture and teams. Quite a number of examples and case studies were included to simplify understanding.

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The Deathly Hallow for 11 Bucks

Want to listen to the Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow Audiobook (that retails on Amazon for $47.97) for only 11 bucks?  Here’s how I did it:

  1. Purchase Audiobook from the amazing Costco:
    $ 41.99 (39.99 + 5% tax)
  2. Listen to Harry’s amazing adventure
  3. Sell the audiobook on Amazon for $39.00. Well, I’m actually getting $30.81 since there’s a $8.19 commission.

So, $41.99 – $31.81 = 11 bucks and change. Not a bad deal at all. You could also try to check it out from your local library, but I’d imagine it’ll take a while before you get it.

The audiobook, read by Jim Dale, is extremely well done.  To this day, I’ve never actually read a Harry Potter book but have listened to them all.  It’s the perfect companion that keeps you awake during long road trips.

Recent Books

The Five Love Languages – Gary Chapman
(5/5) Anyone who’s in a relationship or interested in building a great relationship should read this book.

Who Moved my Cheese? – Spencer Johnson
(4/5) Fantastic short story that will challenge you to tackle on the fear of change.

Recent Books

Healthy at 100 (Audiobook) – John Ribbons
Rating: 4/5

Sounds of the River – Da Chen
Rating: 4/5


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