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Are You Getting Cheated by Your Landlord?

If you’re a renter, you’ll often ask yourself whether or not you’re getting cheated by your landlord. Is your rent too high, too low, or just right? I came across this online tool today called By typing in your address (and providing them your rental information as well), you get to see how much your neighbors are paying. Pretty fantastic idea, especially for rental-heavy cities like Boston.

Here’s my analysis. I’m the orange needle and it looks like my landlord is good to me.

Rent Comparison


3 Years Ending – Virtues for Me

During the last week or so at Lincoln, I had an opportunity to chat with a number of significant individuals who have helped me grow and have had positive influences on me. I had a chance to be candid with them, as well as ask them to give me feedback, advice, or personal virtues that can help me grow and become better at what I do. So here they are:

  • Advice from my manager – sometimes I get to caught up with a task that’s most interesting to me and I lose sight of the other things that’s on my table. So I should learn to prioritize better.
  • Feedback from coworker #1 – I handled stress very professionally and my laughter, as I tend to find humor in everything, often diffuses stressful situations.
  • Feedback from coworker #2 – Coworker #2 wishes that I had a chance to take on more leadership/management roles during my time at Lincoln. Sometimes you have to go and reach for the opportunities to move up. Don’t expect them to be dropped into your lap.
  • Virtues from “higher-up” #1 – There are two things to keep in mind in life:
    1. Never burn any bridges, since you’ll never know when paths might cross in the future.
    2. Build up a network of friends/individuals that you can absolutely trust. Learn to read and analyze people to determine if they’re trustworthy.
  • Virtues from “higher-ups” #2 – Why rush? Take your time with whatever it is that you do. Enjoy the view and experience along the way. Also, do things with a passion and you will be great at it. This is fantastic since the first moism that I’ve ever thought of was “Find your passion and don’t let it escape.”
  • Virtues from a senior research staff – Always have integrity and honor. Those things will mean different to each person since people come up with their own definitions. Think about what it means to you and hold yourself to the highest standards.

Simply priceless. So my advice to you is that whenever you’re switching jobs or simply leaving a place, speak to the people that mattered the most to you and ask for feedback and constructive criticisms. Open your mind, don’t get defensive, and hear what others have to say. You’ll be amazed at what you find and in the end you’ll become a better you.

Sit Back and Straighten Up

Ever since I purchased my MacBook Pro back in February of this year, I’ve subjected myself to bad posture syndrome from hunching over the laptop keyboard and staring at the tiny 17″ screen. Laptops are great because they’re portable, but have you ever watched yourself (and others) screw up their backs because they’re on it so much. It’s a funny thing, but no one ever mentions how catastrophic it is for your posture to be hunched over your laptop for x number of hours per day.

And this problem is likely to get worst as people spend more and more time on this “amazing electronic devices.”

Well, last week I got myself one of those super-thin Apple Keyboards and my back’s been feeling great ever since. Why I didn’t do this earlier is beyond me, I guess I was procrastinating. I should apologize to my back. As I’m typing this, my back is straight and I’m staring straight ahead into on external LCD monitor.  It’s a great feeling.  If you took a side profile picture of me right now, I think I a model for the OSHA Proper Working Position webpage.

So consider this. If you have a laptop, pay attention to the way your sitting. And if you have some extra change in your back account, consider buying an external LCD and a full size keyboard. Your back and shoulders will thank you and you won’t slowly morph into this guy:


Here’s a list of blogs and RSS’es that I’m subscribed to, in the form of a screen capture. For those of you who are unfamiliar with online readers, I use to aggregate all of my subscriptions into one centralized place. This saves a lot of time since I no longer have to go to all the different websites to keep an eye on the latest headlines. But if you don’t like bloglines, here’s a whole list (and comparisons) of other available online feed readers.

Click on image to enlarge.


New Age Bookmarks

Just wanted to share this quick bit with the audience. Almost 2 years ago, I gave up on the old fashion bookmarks. You know what I’m talking about, the strip of cardstock that you can get from the local library with cute designs on one side. Or if you’re rich, you have one of those fancy metal ones from the bookstore. But I hated those because of the following reasons:

  1. They fall out, especially the metal ones. Then you’re screwed cause you don’t know what page you’re on.
  2. I always have to remember where I left on on a page. Because the bookmark doesn’t tell you your position on the page.

Post ItWell, I have a better solution: Post-it flags.

These little guys are fantastic for bookmarking. They’re cheap, and they stick to the page. They don’t fall out and you can bookmark any part of your page, from top to bottom. So when I’m getting off the subway stop, I can read until the last possible moment without having to worry about where I am on the page.

Maybe the Django ate Your Baby

This post comes from my geeky half. Ever since college, I’ve been involved with developing personal website snd applications. It wasn’t until the recent years that powerful frameworks have surfaced, that makes a web designer/developer’s life easy.

DjangoEventhough the industrial favorite right now is Ruby on Rails. My personal favorite is Django. Not sure what it is, I wasn’t either about 6 months ago. They have surperb documentation in the form of an online Django Book, and the platform is relatively easy to learn.

Quote of the Day

Instead of benchmarking everything, perhaps we win when we accept that the best we can do is the best we can do and then try to find the guts to do one thing that’s remarkable.

– Seth Godin in Small is the New Big


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